Martin Yan--Chef Extraordinare 08-26-2005 10:56

An old clich茅 says something like 鈥淭he way to a man鈥檚 heart is through his stomach.鈥 A living testament to this saying, our guest today found his way to the hearts of man and woman, young and old?through their stomachs. He is arguably the most famous Chinese chef in the world. He started cooking at the age of 12 and never stopped鈥oday, he has made almost 2,000 television cook shows, written more than 20 cooks books, and won international accolades for his dishes.

Our mystery guest, Martin Yan, better known for his show Yan Can Cook, is the most popular Asian chef on television. As the host of the show, Chef Yan has introduced millions of people to the joys of Asian cuisine over the past two decades and is partially responsible for sparking the Asian food trend in the U.S. Chef Yan began his career as a chef apprentice in Hong Kong. The author of ten best-selling cookbooks, Chef Yan is also the recipient of two James Beard Awards for Best Cooking Show and Best Television Food Journalism. An accomplished chef and culinary educator, Chef Yan acts as a food ambassador, delivering the diversified Asian culture to the world.

He says, 鈥淐hinese cuisine has the longest history, the most complicated means, the most accomplished dishes, and the most diversified elements in the world. We have entirely different tastes and styles in various areas of China. And that鈥檚 exactly why foreigners respect Chinese cuisine. Though the eating culture from different countries are clashing, we still need to maintain our style and spirit.鈥

Don鈥檛 miss our program featuring Chef Martin Yan. You will not want to miss the opportunity to experience his behind-the-scenes stories! ? Written by Zhang Yao


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