Winter Sports Expo expands new space for Sino-Italian cooperation

Source:Xinhua 06-09-21 09:10 Updated BJT
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The Winter Sports Expo provides chance for two future Olympic Winter Games hosts China and Italy to expand cooperation in winter sports industry and beyond.

BEIJING, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Gianpaolo Bruno, Director of the Beijing Office of the Italian Trade Agency, believes this year's World Winter Sports Expo (WWSE) is a good opportunity for Italian companies of equipment, sportswear and other related products marketing into China.

As the guest nation of honor, Italy has organized a luxurious lineup of government departments and outstanding companies to participate in the 2021 WWSE which opened here on Friday.

"It can also promote the development of relative Italian industries, such as food, health, medical and safety equipment, and tourism. As the government agency responsible for promoting trade and investment and one of the organizers of this exhibition, the Italian Trade Agency will continue to work in this direction," Bruno said.

Italy, which last held a Winter Games in 2006 and will host its third in 2026, has a long winter sports tradition.

The Italian Olympic Committee, the Italian Winter Sports Federation and the Ice Sports Federation are actively cooperating in preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

At this Winter Sports Expo, Italy will display the high-quality Italian winter sports products known for their technology, design and reliability; as a winter sports powerhouse, they will also showcase their advantages in snowmaking equipment, international competitions, ski training, winter tourism and other aspects of the ice and snow industry.

The Italian exhibition area includes the snow machines and ice equipment that have served six consecutive Winter Olympics and will continue to be supplied for the Beijing Winter Olympics; sports venues and equipment designated as the official supplier of the Olympic track and field events for 11 consecutive sessions; and the world's most comprehensive snow cleaners, tracked vehicles and other world-class professional equipment brands.

Paolo Bazzoni, chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), believes that the growing interest of Chinese consumers in ice and snow sports provides opportunities for related Italian brands to expand their influence in the Chinese market. The consumer brands participating in the expo may expand their Chinese market share.

"It is foreseeable that the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in China and the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy will deepen the friendly exchanges between the two countries while promoting the development of tourism, education and other industries," Bazzoni said.

Cristiano Varotti, representative of the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT) in China, said that Italy is also the dream country for ice and snow lovers, with extremely advanced supporting facilities and professionals in related services such as education, hospitality, and food and beverages.

The number of Chinese tourists to Italy has increased year by year, and Italy has become one of the most popular European destinations. 2022 will usher in the Italy-China Year of Culture and Tourism. He looks forward to in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the tourism industries of the two countries.

"There are many beautiful mountainous areas throughout Italy, and the whole year is ideal for tourism," Varotti said. "From north to south, the Italian mountains can show a variety of scenery to visitors: lakes in high altitude areas, ineffable forests, charming villages and traditional manors with long histories, and, of course, delicious cuisine. Whether it's the winter snow season or other seasons, you'd have a beautiful experience spending the holiday in the Italian mountains." 

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