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Ding Junhui takes 10-6 lead to Trump


04-25-2016 13:10 BJT

At the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre, China's Ding Junhui took a 6-2 lead over his second opponent Judd Trump from England in the first stage and in the second stage he continued to perform well and still led the game 10-6. Trump was the person that ousted Ding in the last World Champion. We will see whether the Chinese man can take the revenge or not as the third stage match will begin tonight. Three frames win will take the Chinese potter to the final eight.

In the first frame, the two sides all snookered each other. But Ding Junhui would seize the opportunity and took the first frame 70-1.

Trump found his rthyem and made a 85 points break to win the second frame.

And the fourth frame Trump left no opportunity for Ding Junhui and sealed this frame with 106 points break. The two sides made a 2-2 draw.

Trump lost the chance as he didnot sink the red ball into the table while he led 51 to 0. Ding seized the opportunity and takes the fifth frame.

Ding get into his state gradually and he made 112 points break in the sixth frame.

The Chinese potter even made the clearance in the seventh frame.

Ding sank the red ball into pocket from long table, and Trump made big mistakes as he failed to escape the ball but sent the blue ball near the pocket.

Ding seized the opportunity and finished the first stage with 6-2.

The second frame of the second stage, Ding made a funny mistake as he touched the red ball.

But Trump made consecutive mistakes in the decisive moments and Ding Junhui was in the stable state and led the game 10-6 after the second stage.

Mark Allen took on Kyren Wilson in another match. Mark Allen's current ranking was No.7 and Kyren Wilson's ranking was No.19. But Wilson would once led the game 7-0 which was a rare score in the world championships. After the second stage, Mark Allen left behind 5-11. Meanwhile, Barry Hawkins led Ronnie O' Sullivan 9 to 7 after stage two.

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