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Special Children's Day for Tibetan kids in Daocheng

Editor: Qian Ding 丨CCTV.com

05-31-2017 16:09 BJT

By Li Shouen, CCTV.com Panview Editor-in-chief

Daocheng County, in southwest China's Sichuan Province, is known to Westerners for its Yading scenery, which is branded as "the last pure land on earth", "the last Shangri-La", and "the holy land in the sun" for its crystal clear lakes, beautiful mountains and grasslands, swaying trees and fabulous hot springs.


Scenery of Yading, Daocheng   Photo/ Internet

But as a Chinese saying goes, amazing scenery is usually appreciated at perilous peaks, indeed people can only come into the holy land of Yading with diligent and even dangerous explorations.

For tourists, it's a once-for-ado travel, you come, you appreciate, and then you go. But for most people living there, it means a life-time of isolation from the outside world, a hustling and bustling "new world".

But we, human, all have our dreams and kids, too. Yet, for kids here, compared to their peers in big cities, somehow, it won't be so easy to realize their dreams.

For this Tibetan girl, her wish is to become a great singer when she's older.

Girl with beautiful voice singing to volunteers   Photo/Zhou xiaolei

For a boy named Duoji, whose father died when he was an infant at 6 months, he hopes one day he could play on a basketball team. He is a good student in his teachers' eyes. His certificates of merits speak loudly for him.

Duoji (right), a boy loves playing basketball and with good merits    Photo/Zhou xiaolei

But, kids here at the beautiful yet remote and under-developed Daocheng County are studying in classrooms, playing on playgrounds and living in dormitories that are in dismal conditions.


Classrooms in one of the local primary schools   Photo/Wei Congcong


Students playing on the playground   Photo/Zhou xiaolei


One of the girls’ dormitories in a local primary school   Photo/Zhou xiaolei

Despite such conditions, which might beyond the imagination of teenagers growing up in metropolises as Beijing and Shanghai, students here are all keen to study harder and learn more.


Students listen attentively to the school President Zerenduoji   Photo/Wei Congcong

Little kid draws a picture on the floor   Photo/Zhou xiaolei



Luorong, a boy who is eager to share his composition with volunteers    Photo/Zhou xiaolei

However, a group of 22 volunteers from across China, sponsored by Jincheng Ruida Group, opened a window for them to have a glimpse of the outside world, and might help them draw a step closer to their dreams.

On May 26, a few days prior to Children's Day which falls on June 1, they visited three local schools and donated stationery, sporting goods, uniforms and daily necessities including flour, milk, seed oil, etc. for students.

Volunteers donate stationery to students  Photo provided by Zhou xiaolei

Students happy to receive new stationery   Photo/Zhou xiaolei


Students in new uniforms donated by volunteers   Photo/Zhou xiaolei

Students play with sporting goods donated by volunteers  Photo/Wei Congcong


Other daily necessities donated by volunteers   Photo/Zhou xiaolei

Although donations won't bring a substantial change to their lives, but in the long run, once a window gets opened and a seed planted, kids from the scenic Daocheng County will find a wider and more colorful world, though not so pure as their holy land, is waiting for them. Hope this would be a memorable Children’s Day in their lives.

(Special thanks to Ms. Zhou Xiaolei, a reporter from China.org.cn. One of the volunteers, who visited three primary schools and sent the writer all information and pictures.)

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