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Twice the fun: Hundreds of twins celebrate the annual festival

Reporter: Hillary Ayesiga 丨 CCTV.com

08-24-2016 00:30 BJT

The next story will have you seeing double, but there's no need to adjust your Televisions. Hundreds of Ugandan twins have gathered in the capital Kampala to celebrate the annual Twin festival. The twins, together with their families and friends, came out to share their life's experiences.

Twice the fun: Hundreds of twins celebrate the annual festival

Twice the fun: Hundreds of twins celebrate the annual festival

A fun filled day. Twins meet twins at the Kampala's annual festival. It's an opportunity for them to meet and share their joys and problems they face.

"We are proud because we share the same placenta and we think almost the same because in primary and secondary we were getting almost the same marks for example, if this one gets fourteen aggregates, I get fifteen and we do not sit together," said nursing officer Anne Nakato Mutaasa.

And this is the same story for most twins gathered here.

"We share the job, we share everything we live in the same house, basically everything. We even share a car," said twin Barbra Babirye.

But many say mistaken identity and no secrets is also part of their daily life.

 "Someone had my debt but he instead paid the money to my brother. They cannot differentiate us," said twin Sheikh Hassan Wasswa.

In Ugandan culture twins are regarded as a blessing to a family. The organizers of this festival say they are here to celebrate twins and also help people learn more about them.

While in some cultures, especially dating back hundreds of years ago, twins were seen as a bad omen, in other communities, including those in Uganda, it has always bee seen as a big blessing.

"When you get a twin if you are a woman you become a "Nalongo" and if you are a man you become "Ssalongo" and that is a place of honor and value, it's a place of status," said Babra Kaija, editor in chief of Vision Group.

But this status comes with responsibility. And with the biting poverty in some communities, some men in Uganda abandon their children. However this twin has a message of hope for the fathers.

"We are so special, they give us money, presents, I feel that's so special. So I am calling upon all fathers of twins please do not run away from these babies you should stay and take care of them," said twin Barbra Babirye.

With such re-unions the organizers of this event believe the public will appreciate the importance of twins in the development of society.

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