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CCTV.com英语频道旨在为海内外目前以及潜在的观众、网友提供主要基于CCTV-9节目资源的丰富内容和以及与之配套的网络服务,借此吸引他们更多地关注CCTV-9的电视节目, 延伸和拓展到电视目前不能到达的领域,拉近与海内外观众和网友的距离,成为透过独特视角呈现的“中国窗口”。、海外中心以及福克斯都表示,这次成功的合作是一个良好的开端,为日后CCTV.com的多语种国际化传播道路奠定了坚实的基础。

CCTV International updates Website

CCTV International and formally launched an updated and revamped English website on Tuesday, at The newly designed website is expected to better serve Internet surfers, and also to help boost viewing figures for CCTV International's TV programs.

Three partners are jointly announcing the launch of CCTV International's new website. Collaborating with Fox Cable network and CCTV.COM, CCTV International hopes joint efforts will strengthen its image among current and potential viewers. And also to increase viewers for TV programs on CCTV International -- through the website.

Sheng Yilai, Director General, CCTV International, said, "Most of our viewers are overseas. By updating our website, we want to make it easier for them to get to know us. The changes to the webpages are in accordance with online reading customs. As a means of mass communication, television is important. But the Internet can reach even farther. And is also more easily accessible. We hope the website can supplement our TV programs."

FOX Cable Networks offered help with the design of the new web-page. The company says this is only the beginning of cooperation between Fox and CCTV International. Fox says the new webpage provides a source for the world to get to know about China.

The newly designed website for China’s 24-hour English-language news channel aims to provide users with full details of its schedule and programs. And the updated website is also expected to make it easier for users to read or watch news and feature programs online.

Wang Wenbin, Director General, CCTV.COM, said, "We are cooperating closely with CCTV International. Both its regular and special programs are important for us. The Internet is one of the most effective ways for us to promote the channel. We will further strengthen our cooperation in the future."

With a color scheme of red, brown and gold, the design of the new website draws heavily on traditional Chinese colors. The new website aims to provide a first class site that offers the international audience a "window on China", seen through the unique perspective of CCTV International.