12-29-2005 11:00

Name: Zhu Jun

Presenter of Around China

Born in the Year of the Dragon

Birthplace: Beijing

Star Sign: Aquarius

Blood type: O

Nationality: Han

Education: B.Sc. from Peking University

College major: chemistry, international cultural exchange

Hobbies: reading, travel, animals

Favourite colour: green

Favourite food: all sorts of porridge

Favourite fruit: mango

Favourite dress: anything that is comfortable to wear

What I most want to be: host of an animal programme

Work experience: assistant PR manager at the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel for 6 months;

news anchor for CCTV-9

What impresses me most about the living world is its diversity. And China is unrivalled by any country on the earth for its diversity of almost everything, from history, culture and ethnic traditions, landscapes to food. Watching Around China is an easy, enlightening and enjoyable way to learn about China. To tell the truth, I myself have learned a lot from hosting and watching our programme.

When I started college, a classmate asked me why I wanted to be educated. My answer was "to obtain the power of truth and knowledge in order to eliminate prejudice." I strongly believed back then, and still believe today, that in a large part, the dreadful conflicts in human society are basically caused by prejudice, in one form or another.

Something that will go a long way to eliminating prejudice in the world is for us to get to know how other people live. I enjoy working for Around China, because I think I am helping our foreign audience to improve their understanding of China and its people.


Editor:Wang Ping