02-27-2006 22:09

Join us at CCTV's studios and participate in our studio audience!

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Studio Audience Wanted for CCTV-9!!!

What has recently aroused the concern of people around the world?  The financial crisis.  With today's global economy,  the world is facing a severe test, including China. In this episode of Up-Close, we will hear reactions and commentary from our guests and studio audience on how the onset of the financial crisis has affected economies, businesses, and ourselves. Join us in the Up-Close studio on Dec 6th at 9:30pm to be a part of this important discussion.

Xuan Ke is known as the defender of Naxi culture, one of China's 50+ minority groups. He is the Musical Director and Founder of Naxi Classical Music Orchestra.  The orchestra is the "business card" of Lijiang, a tourist city in southwest China's Yunnan Province with diverse ethnic minority culture. Join us in Up-Close's studio on Dec 6th at 1:30pm  to meet Xuan Ke.

"I do not like trendy things. I like museums and art galleries because they can tell something. I also love watching movies but not American movies. If I were not a pianist, I would perform opera."  Chen Sa, one of China's most famous young pianists said these words - demonstrating that she lives her life as she plays the piano - with a very pensive soul. On Dec 6th at 4:00pm, join us in the Up-Close studio to meet the musical prodigy, Chen Sa.