Source: CCTV.com

12-28-2005 14:14

Dear frieds World Insight Team

Many thanks for your so kind attention.

Congratulations for the development.Really helpful and informative service.

However, still, I hope you can repeat the programme at least another day more, or three days one time each, one morning, one noon/afternoon, and one evening.

Regarding the topics, in France, the Minister Of Interior announced forward clearly that it is not easy to tackle crisis of 30 years injustice in a short time, meanwhile he failed not to describe the riots who erupted in reaction to 3 decades of humiliation as (scum), that's justice, the poor are nonhuman, garbage.

Out of question, the riots are outrageous, destructive, nonconstructive, but Whom To Blame? if the answer is both, OK, then what is the solution, and what is the real meaning of civilization, and what is the real purpose, meaning, and targets of the reports on human rights issued by The United States as far as almost 40 million black skinned citizens orgaized a demonstration in Washington on October,15 to condemn segregation.Shall they erupt one day.The situation in France is almost a copy of several countries in Europe, some erupted, and others are under ashes, meanwhile the response is always summons, slogans, just to the winds.

This episode is full, but the report of The Department Of State, U.S.A. on the violation of religious freedom in China is blatant encroachment on the sovereignty of China meanwhile it is entirely baseless, but political incitement, no more.Hope you will include in the next week.

Repeated thanks, and kindest regards.