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Mont Blanc Arts Patronage Award goes to Chinese antique dealer

2009-06-15 09:27 BJT


Luxury brand Mont Blanc has unveiled a newly crowned winner of its Arts Patronage Award. Yuju opera performer, Xiao Xiangyu, dancer Yang Liping, TV producer and host, Yang Lan, were among the winners in previous years. But this year, the award was given to an antique dealer.

The Mont Blanc Arts Patronage Award was launched in 1992 and chooses winners internationally. Since 2003, China has had winners every year. They are chosen because of their willingness to commit time, energy, and money to an artistic pursuit. This year, the award went to antique dealer, Ma Weidu, who is well-known in China for his appreciation of antiques.

This year, the award went to antique dealer, Ma Weidu, who is well-known in China for his appreciation of antiques.
This year, the award went to antique dealer, Ma
Weidu, who is well-known in China for his
appreciation of antiques.

Antique dealer Ma Weidu said, “Most of the sponsorship nowadays goes to the poor, while this award supports art which is very unique. I have been given the award because I set up the first private museum in China, which is called the "Guangfu Museum". Twelve years have passed since I established it. I have also won the award because of the prosperity of the Chinese economy and a widespread concern for traditional culture. It's been sixty years since the founding of New China, which is another happy coincidence for me. “

Actor Zhang Hanyu, actresses Zhang Yuqi and Kathy Chow, and model Ma Yanli were among the guests of honor at the ceremony. Zhang Hanyu is also a fan of collecting antiques and has formed a friendship with Ma because of their common taste.

Actor Zhang Hanyu said, “Mr. Ma is worthy of the award. I collect antiques too, ancient furniture, especially pieces for a study. After fifteen years in the field, the biggest pleasure I have is interacting with my antiques. Late at night, you can handle one of these collectibles and let your imagination run wild. “

Ma Weidu says he will use the award money for two exhibitions to be held in his museum. One is a display of ancient chairs, and the other is of ancient boxes, created during the Tang to Qing dynasties.

Editor: Zhao Yanchen | Source: CCTV.com