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The Campus Tour Themed on “CCTV AD Season 2007” Grandly Held in Nankai University

2009-07-30 14:32 BJT

Enkindling People’s Passion to Warm the Cold Winter,

Experiencing the Pooling of Wisdom,

Listening to the Voice from Brands,

And Enhancing the Exchanges between Production, Teaching and Research while Promoting Harmonious Development of the Advertising Industry

On December 21, 2007, a large-scale event known as “AD Season Campus Advertisement Promotion Campaign” was held at the Lecture Hall, 1st Floor of Boling Building, Nankai University in Tianjin, sponsored by China Advertising Association and CCTV Advertising Department with the Students’ Work Department, Publicity Development and the School of Modern Distance and Continuing Education of Nankai University as undertakers. Students of the University majoring in Advertising, Management, Marketing and other related specialties showed great interest and passion for such an event. In addition, students from nearby universities and media representatives also attended the event, so there were over 600 attendees at the event. The hall was full of people and thunderous applause and was brightened by a heated mood of the participants. Everybody showed an expression of expectation, excitement and emotion.

Among the attendees are Xia Hongbo, Director of CCTV Advertising Department, Tong Jiadong, Vice President of Nankai University, Liu Jingquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Nankai University, in addition to special honorable guests such as Song Zhiming (also known as T. B. Song), Chinaman of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Group (the Greater China Region), and Bai Changhong, Director of the School of Modern Distance and Continuing Education of Nankai University as well as professor of the Business School, and other honorable guests such as Yun Yan, Deputy Director of Tianjin TV Station, Mu Hong, Editor in Chief of the magazine Advertisers and Chen Yong, Editor in Chief of the magazine Modern Advertising, etc.

With the ending of Nankai University Tour — Warming the Cold Winter with Passion, the Campus Tour of AD Season 2007 ended at its height.

The name “AD Season” means a season of advertising and a tide of advertising. With an aim to initiate a nationwide tide of advertising by strengthening the exchanges of the advertising-related academic circle with the advertising industry and enterprises, China Advertising Association and CCTV Advertising Department jointly invited top executives of key enterprises, leading scholars in universities and renowned planners to give a series of tour lectures focusing on themes like advertising and marketing in influential domestic universities, i.e. the AD Season Campus Advertisement Promotion Campaign. The AD Season campus tour has laid a solid foundation in terms of theory and talents for the development of Chinese advertising industry through promoting the in-depth exchanges of the academic circle with the advertising community and enterprises, spreading practical experiences, helping form a harmonious atmosphere and improving the teaching of advertising expertise. CCTV Advertising Department has been committed to vigorously carrying out public welfare activities of this kind so as to make its due contributions to the creation of a harmonious environment for both the academic and advertising communities.