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Backgrounder: Low-carbon economy

2009-11-30 22:05 BJT

Special Report: UN climate change conference in Copenhagen |

BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Low-carbon economy (LCE) refers to an economy which has a minimal output of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the biosphere, especially the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Recently, most of scientific and public opinion has come to the conclusion that the climate is changing because of an accumulation of GHGs (especially CO2) in the atmosphere due to anthropogenic causes.

The over-concentration of these gases results in global warming that affects long-term climate, with negative impacts on humanity in the foreseeable future.

Globally implemented LCE, therefore, is proposed as a means to avoid catastrophic climate change, and as a precursor to the more advanced, zero-carbon society and renewable-energy economy.

Based on low energy consumption, low greenhouse gas emission and minimized pollution, LCE advocates maximized utilization of energy and establishment of basic clean energy consumption mechanism.

The pursuit for LCE calls for technical innovation, government policy bolster and a fundamental change in the development mode.

LCE marks a global revolution with a wide connection to people's life style, country's production mode and relevant national interests.

Editor: Zhang Pengfei | Source: Xinhua