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Consumption and Marketing Trends in 2010

2010-01-12 15:53 BJT

In an age full of uncertainties, foreseeing the future seems extremely important. Business insights into the future help enterprises successfully face the unknown challenges in the changing market. The following paragraphs assess the consumption and marketing trends, which will influence brand marketing in 2010.

Healthy consumption, a new concept

Influenced by social events such as Melamine Incident and H1N1 Flu, the Chinese consumers pay more attentions to healthy products. Natural and environmental-friendly products are preferred. Setting up a healthy and environmental-friendly brand image will help the enterprises gain more opportunities in the market. For example, beverage with healthy concepts sells well. Market penetration rate of healthy food and drinks has rapidly increased in recent years. Meanwhile, daily commodities contain the concept of health as well. For instance, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste sells better than Yunnan Baiyao; Bawang Shampoo with annual revenue of billions of RMB gives the product a concept of the traditional Chinese medicine. In this specific trend, organic food, natural products and the concept of the traditional Chinese medicine will gain widespread popularity.

Fast-paced society and speed consumption

In today’s fast-paced Chinese society, everyone seems extremely busy. Seeking for speed and efficient way of life become a trend. Consumers’ lack of patience and pursuit of convenience directly impetus the growing FMCG Market of fast food and drinks. Instant noodle, cracker and beverage are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, fast food restaurant prevails in the catering industry. Therefore, the business model with a core concept of speed and convenience, such as new types of fast food, fast food restaurant, convenience store, credit card, and online shopping, will become new focus in the market.

Consumers advocating new naturalism

The longing for returning to nature becomes a new appeal for the Chinese consumers. Outdoor activities in touch with nature turn to be a popular consumption among more and more well-off people. Nature provides a new consuming market of travelling, adventure, exploration and exercise. As a result, tourism becomes a highlight in 2010.

New luxury in middle and lower classes

In the past, LV is only designed for rich people, but now the situation has changed. Most consumers of luxury goods in China are the middle and lower classes. They are not very wealthy, but want to lead a high-standard life. Most of them cannot afford Benz and BMW, but will buy a small piece of luxury staff occasionally to realize their dreams of high-standard life.

The beauty fashion for men

In the past, female was the main consumers in fashion market. Male dominates the fashion market of automobiles, information technology etc. Nowadays, everything has changed. Men are more concerned with appearance. Beauty salons serving men are growing in the beauty industry. Consequently, cosmetics and clothing industry have given special attention to male market.