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World Cup – A Five-star Marketing Arena

2010-03-05 11:11 BJT

Interview with Paul Turner, Sales Director of Castrol China & North Asia

Castrol, the UK headquartered lubricant giant has more than 100,000 employees worldwide. Its products are sold across the globe through branches in over 60 countries and a distribution network covering more than 100 countries.

In anticipation of 2010 South Africa World Cup, Castrol won exclusive sponsorship of CCTV's 2010 World Cup broadcast, which reflects its constant focus on sport marketing and immense confidence in the Chinese market.

Reporter: In what consideration did Castrol choose the exclusive sponsorship of event broadcast in CCTV’s 2010 World Cup advertisement options?

Paul: We all know that FIFA World Cup is the most influential sport event recognized by the world. TV broadcast of each of the recent sessions covered more than 200 countries with around 40 billion audience. As described by FIFA, the World Cup is a “five-star marketing arena” which provides very good opportunities for brands and through which enterprises can improve their popularity and brand reputation.

China has impressed the world with its great achievements. Castrol has not only paid much attention to development and investment in the Chinese market, but hope to shorten the distance with consumers by cooperating with CCTV, China’s most influential media, to share passion of World Cup as well as Castrol’s unique perspective on football with football fans.

Reporter: Will off-line promotion and marketing activities be held in addition to TV commercials? Paul: Indeed, as an official sponsor of 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup, Castrol has launched a series of “Know Football, Enjoy Football” communication activities such as Wenger’s Beijing visit, Castrol Football DV Competition, city football campaign and Castrol Football Forum which just closed in January 2010.

With people’s passion for World Cup heating up, Castrol will launch more off-line activities. From March, car owners may get the World Cup Schedule free of charge at Castrol 4S shops and garages. They can also participate in World Cup final result lucky draw by SMS. During June and July when the event actually takes place, more activities and actions will be held to bring more excitement for consumers. Eventually, Castrol will become increasingly closer to consumers through TV commercials and these activities.

Reporter: In what aspects does Castrol differ from others in terms of World Cup sponsorship?

Paul: Castrol’s sponsorship for FIFA World Cup is slightly different from others in that we do it beyond commercial sponsorship. We try to explore the commonalities between football and the brand of Castrol in terms of preciseness and passion. We apply lubricant expertise to football based on technical analysis and innovative ideas and have successfully developed a series of digital football tools including Castrol Index, Castrol Rankings and Castrol Predictor. And we have contracted with top footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wenger and Desailly as Castrol’s global ambassadors to make professional data interpretation and game analysis so that fans could know football and enjoy it better.

Castrol’s road to football is not limited to 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup. After that, we will continue to sponsor 2012 European Football Championship, 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup. Castrol will stick to the idea of “Analysis, Technique and Innovation” in the field of football to develop more football tools and more unique views and excitement for the world football industry, fans and Castrol consumers.

Reporter: What kind of regular communication plans does Castrol have after this year’s World Cup? Paul: Castrol China R & D Centre will be completed in the second half of this year, which is significant for Castrol China and for the Chinese lubricant market as well. As always, Castrol will concentrate on product research and development in order to bring the world-class technology to Chinese customers. We will be dedicated to improvement of product performance and consumer experience because we are firmly convinced that outstanding products and quality stability are the foundation for all marketing activities. It is on this foundation that Castrol will enhance its support for car racing and sport industries and enhance communication with consumers and clients through various communication platforms and marketing activities. In this way, more car owners in China may know Castrol, use Castrol and trust Castrol.

We do expect to grow with the Chinese market and achieve win-win results with our Chinese clients and partners.

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