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CCTV to stage benefit event for victims of Yushu earthquake

2010-04-20 08:31 BJT

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China Central Television will stage a benefit event for victims of the Yushu earthquake on Tuesday. The program will invite all Chinese people to show their generosity and make donations to the relief efforts there.

China Central Television will stage a benefit event for victims of the Yushu earthquake on Tuesday. The program will invite all Chinese people to show their generosity and make donations to the relief efforts there. (File Photo)
China Central Television will stage a benefit event for victims of the 
Yushu earthquake on Tuesday. The program will invite all Chinese people 
to show their generosity and make donations to the relief efforts there.

The initiative rolled into action just last Friday, which means unusually short preparation time for the organizers. Personnel from CCTV's arts and news departments immediately plunged into the effort, working around the clock.

Workers are now busy setting up the stage. Most of them have been working continually for three days and nights to prepare the Tuesday broadcast.

One Stage crew staff member said, "It normally takes us around six days to prepare the stage for an event like this. But this time we have only three days to complete everything."

The benefit event will be broadcast live on five channels of CCTV at eight o'clock on Tuesday night.

A similar benefit campaign held after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake received a warm response, and raised more than 1-and-a-half billion yuan, or around 200 million US dollars.