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NPC deputies, CPPCC members on gov't report highlights

2010-03-05 20:20 BJT

Special Report: 2010 NPC & CPPCC Sessions |

Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report has laid out this year's blueprint. CCTV reporter spoke to some of the participants at this year's two sessions, to find out what they think are the highlights of the report.

To reform the income distribution system, narrow the income gap, and let everyone enjoy the "pie of social wealth". That message from Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report impressed many.

NPC deputy Li Hongming said, "This is a strategic decision by the central government. As we know, the transformation of China's growth pattern relies on effectively boosting domestic demand. And low incomes are the major factor that have dragged down consumer spending."

CPPCC member Dan Zeng said, "The government's work report highlighted the role of fiscal and taxation policies in secondary distribution of income to help low-income earners."

Regarding this year's target of 8 percent GDP growth, many say, it's more than achievable.

CPPCC nonvoting delegate from overseas Jin K. Gong said, "China still has an ambitious goal to continue to achieve very high single digit growth rate.... we overseas Chinese.... really feel very good about it."

The premier's call to focus on transforming the economic growth pattern and restructure the economy are also regarded as the key to this year's development.

NPC deputy Liu Xiaohua said, "It's a pressing task to transform the current economic growth patten. Premier Wen said the country will nurture strategic emerging industries, and continue to focus on energy efficiency and emissions reduction."

And for the first time, the government work report includes the "Internet of Things" , and pledges to accelerate research and development as well as the application of new technology.

NPC deputy Deng Zhouchan said, "This year can be called the starting year for the Internet of things. Premier Wen even gives the definition of it in the work report. I'm very excited since I work in this field."

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