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DPRK ready to receive Chinese tourists

2010-04-12 19:19 BJT

China has sent its first tour group to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. A special welcoming ceremony and reception dinners have been organized by DPRK tourism authorities.

The first group of Chinese tourists departed from Beijing Capital International Airport on Monday to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The group consists of around 40 travelers. Another 160 will leave for the DPRK Tuesday.

Chinese Tourist, said, "I have always wanted to visit the DPRK. The more mysterious it gets the more I want to go there. I believe the country is not only mysterious, but also beautiful as well. And I have heard people in the country are also hospitable. I'd like to see how they treat Chinese tourists."

Chinese Tourist, said, "I am just doing something for my father, to accomplish what he had always wanted to. He used to be a solider, and helped the DPRK in the Korean War. So the tour provides a great opportunity for those who want to check out the history of that time."

This is the first time that the DPRK has allowed foreign travelers to enter the country since it shut down its foreign tourist visa on December 10th, 2009.

Tour operators say, the first batch of Chinese tour groups to travel DPRK consists of 400 people. They include residents from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and LiaoNing. They come from 18 travel agencies.

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