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"Panda Town" toys gaining popularity in Beijing

2009-08-25 08:58 BJT

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Have you seen the dolls dressed as panda boys and girls, brides and grooms? These pandas dolls are gaining popularity this summer in Beijing. A group of Chinese students,who have studied abroad, plan to promote their brand "Panda Town" as the new "Chinese barbie".

Panda dolls and costumes are really hot among young people.

They can be dressed in skimpy bikinis, Harry Potter costumes, or the red guard suits of the 1960s. The pandas will suit all tastes.

The six founders of Panda Town come up with the idea of creating a cuddly toy, which Chinese people could relate to.

Panda dolls and costumes are really hot among young people.
Panda dolls and costumes are really hot among young people.

Founder of Panda Town Zheng Naiming said, "The panda is China's national treasure, so we felt we must make great panda toys. Also, there are very few designs related to pandas in the world. Most people are not happy with the panda toys available in the market."