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Pandas debut at Adelaide Zoo

2009-12-14 08:21 BJT

Chinese goodwill ambassadors, two giant pandas - Wang Wang and Fu Ni - made their debut at the Adelaide Zoo in South Australia. The visitors were excited to see one of the world's most endangered species up close. The adorable four-year-old male Wang Wang and three-year-old female Fu Ni amuse everyone.

Visitors said, "And they're cheeky and lovable, aren't they?"

"And they look funny when they eat."

People hope the pair will reproduce during their stay.

Funi, a three-year-old female giant panda, looks at fruits in its new enclosure at Adelaide Zoo in the South Australia state November 28, 2009. Australia welcomed on Saturday two giant pandas from China. Zookeepers said they hope they will become the first breeding pair in the southern hemisphere. 
Funi, a three-year-old female giant panda, looks at fruits in its
new enclosure at Adelaide Zoo in the South Australia state 
November 28, 2009. Australia welcomed on Saturday two giant 
pandas from China. Zookeepers said they hope they will become 
the first breeding pair in the southern hemisphere.