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Chinese navy soldiers celebrate 1st anniversary of fleet's escort mission in Gulf of Aden

2009-12-27 08:24 BJT

It's been a year since China first sent its naval ships on an escort mission against piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia.

A first anniversary ceremony for the mission began with the launch of 12 signal flares Friday morning. The task force is currently escorting 14 ships from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, and Panama. They are the 150th group to be protected by the Chinese navy during the past year.

Chinese navy soldiers fire flares to celebrate the first anniversary of the Chinese fleet's escort mission on Ma'anshan frigate of the fourth Chinese naval flotilla in the Gulf of Aden, Dec. 26, 2009.(Xinhua/Yang Zhigang)
Chinese navy soldiers fire flares to celebrate the first anniversary of 
the Chinese fleet's escort mission on Ma'anshan frigate of the fourth 
Chinese naval flotilla in the Gulf of Aden, Dec. 26, 2009.
(Xinhua/Yang Zhigang)