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Expo security regulations beefed up

2010-03-16 08:44 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown |

New security regulations have come into force for the upcoming Shanghai World Expo. Subway stations across the city will be gradually equipped with new X-ray detectors, that will scan bags for prohibited items.

The Shanghai subway network will be a major source of transport during the six month event. An estimated six million people, including visitors from home and abroad, are expected to travel by subway every day. Security has naturally become a top concern.

Song Youguo, Director of Shanghai Railway Security Office, said, "More than 500 X-ray detectors will be in place. There will also be liquid, metal and explosive detectors. Six thousand security staff will be working in subway stations across the city."

Security officials said all large bags and randomly chosen small bags will be scanned. Personnel will be on the look out for potentially dangerous items, including firecrackers, flammable materials, alcohol, lighters, knives, and paint.

Many passengers are used to taking everyday items that contain alcohol onto subways, such as skin lotion and perfume. Shanghai security officials said they will consider passenger needs for certain products, by allowing in small amounts.

Sniffer dogs and police will be on patrols at stations to look for suspicious bags.

In addition, more than 10-thousand close circuit television cameras will be installed to ensure further security.

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