Ancient Chinese porcelain on show in Japan

2009-12-23 10:08 BJT


There are some famous historic Chinese kilns which have produced masterpieces that still wow people today. One porcelain piece created some one thousand years ago, is thought to have come from the historic Chai kiln and is on display in Japan.

At a museum on the Japanese island of Kushu, the porcelain piece "Blue Lily Vase" makes visitors stand in awe.

Its sky blue color and unique design make it a favorite with experts.

A historian said, "I have spent thirty years researching Chinese porcelain, but this piece has stunned me with its beauty and nobility. My love for it surpasses any others I've seen before."

The piece is held in high esteem because of the provenance of the royal Chai kiln.

Lu Chenglong, vice director of Palace Museum, said, "There are four characteristics of Chai kiln porcelain: sky-like blue, paper-thin, mirror-bright, and a bell sound. It's said in ancient times, a tiny Chai kiln piece fetched very high prices."

Chai Kiln is believed to have been built during the Post Zhou dynasty, commissioned by emperor Chai Rong around a thousand years ago. Experts think this "Blue Lily Vase" was made during that time. The color and quality is also similar to those depicted in the kiln records.

The public exhibition of this piece will lead to much discussion between experts as to whether it is authentic.

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