Dialogue 09/09/02 Election divide Afghanistan

2009-09-03 10:43 BJT

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Hello, I am Yang Rui reporting live from Beijing. Two elections capture headlines these days. One has been peacefully concluded in Japan, but the other remains open, divisive and dangerous in Afghanistan.

Observers say the on-going race in the land-locked and poverty-stricken Afghanistan may introduce new slogans and policy options, but problems would remain much the same, to say nothing of the low turnout and alleged fraudulent practices.

In Karbul, the sitting president of Hamid Karzai’s hasty announcement of his campaign success even upset the supervisor and closest ally of the US. His angry political rival, Mr. Abdullah Abudullah from the north, accused Mr. Karsai of stealing the election.

Other questions remain to be asked about what the election results mean when casualties are mounting for NATO soldiers and when 70 percent of the Afghan territory is under the tight control of the Taliban.

Will Pakistanis, Iranians and Russians do their best to help root out the extremists and terrorists when even the US is not sure if they can pull out relieved or if they are facing another Vietnam.

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