20 members record a song for CPPCC

2010-03-13 20:45 BJT

Special Report: 2010 NPC & CPPCC Sessions |

While attending the ongoing annual session of the top political advisory body, 20 members took some time off from their busy schedules to sing. They jointly recorded a song for their organization, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

The song "We" was sung by some of the country's most notable names in cultural, art and show biz circles. They include film director Feng Xiaogang and pop singer Han Hong. Others represent different professions such as TV hosts, opera singers, comedians, entertainment stars and athletes.

Composer Shu Nan says that each member was very earnest about the task.

Shu Nan said, "While recording the song, I found that no matter how busy the CPPCC members were, they were all very serious about the job. Each of them sang the entire song in the studio instead of just one line, which is very helpful for the editing."

Shu also said that the members' different specialties have given the song different personalities. The song expresses their aspirations and their identity as well as the voices of the people.

Editor: Du Xiaodan | Source: CCTV.com