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China's Autonomous Regions gains great achievements

2009-09-02 13:13 BJT

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China says its autonomous regions have gained great achievements since the founding of the People's Republic. Senior officials from the five Autonomous Regions-- Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Guangxi, Ningxia and Tibet -- have introduced the political, economic and cultural developments.

Officials say China's autonomous regions have achieved much in the past six decades.

Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia, Zhao Shuanglian, says the region has witnessed a burgeoning economic development since its founding.

Over the past seven years, its annual economic growth rate is the fastest in the country.

The standard of living has also risen.

The medical care system in Inner Mongolia covers 80 percent of the urban residents and 94 percent of the rural ones.

Similar achievements have also taken place in Xinjiang, which boasts rich natural resources.

Besides its energy sector, border trade is another economic strength.