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10th anniversary of Macao's Basic Law marked

2009-12-04 14:05 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

China's top legislature has held a meeting to mark the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

China's top legislator Wu Bangguo Friday called for more efforts to improve public understanding of the guideline of 
China's top legislator Wu Bangguo Friday called for more efforts to improve
public understanding of the guideline of "one country, two systems" and the
Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) to ensure Macao's
long-term prosperity and stability.(Xinhua Photo)

Friday's meeting was hosted by the Commission for the Basic Law of the Macao SAR of the NPC Standing Committee. State leaders, senior officials of the central government, Macao SAR Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah, Macao officials and representatives from the mainland and Macao attended the symposium. Legal experts will attend a seminar this afternoon to review the law's implementation.

Results of a telephone survey conducted by the University of Macao show 96 percent of respondents are satisfied with the SAR's development since its return to China in 1999.The survey shows the current Macao SAR government has gained an average rating of nearly seven out of 10. And more than 90 percent of respondents say they agree the SAR should continue its wealth sharing scheme of cash handout measures, next year.

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