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University of Macao: New campus strengthens ties

2009-12-18 12:09 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |


The students and staff of the University of Macao have an extra reason to be happy as the anniversary is round the corner. Their new campus on the neighboring Hengqin Island, a part of Zhuhai city, will hold its groundbreaking ceremony on the same day. The new campus will be totally under the administration of the university. This marks the first time the "One country Two system" policy is exercised outside Hong Kong and Macao. My colleague Xu Zhaoqun brings us this report from both campuses.

Mr. Shen, senior student in University of Macau, said, "On the other side of the hill is a small stadium, which can hold only a small number of people. I am leaving soon, but I still hope the younger ones can have a fairly large place."

Amy, freshman in Univesity of Macau, said, "It's awful at lunch time. The lines are so long at the dining hall, even if the hours have been extended."

Professor Zhao Wei, rector of University of Macau, said, "After Macao returned, especially last five years, Macao's economy is getting better, Macao government has more income. In return, they put a lot more money, a lot more support in the university. Last five years, the budget of my university increases in double digits continuously. I don't think any university in the world enjoys a double digit increase in last five years, except us."

This one-square kilometer vacant lot on Hengqin Island will become the new campus of the University of Macau. It's on the eastern side of the Island, opposite the channel. Macao is just a few hundred meters away. The campus is just one percent of the area of Hengqin Island. but it will provide a much larger space for the university's development.

Li Fei, Vice director of Law Committee of NPC Standing Committee, said, "The construction of the new campus will benefit the development of Hengqin Island. It will rely on the support from Hengqin New Zone, which is a State-level development zone. The university expansion will also provide high-level human resources for the diversified economy of Macao."

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