Liu Deli wins men's 120kg Greco-Roman wrestling

2009-10-20 18:08 BJT

Greco-Roman wrestlers have been showing their strength in Shandong Province, none more so than giant Liu Deli of the Heilongjiang team, who's 201cm high.

He wore red in his match against Liu Hao. The veteran Liu Deli used the advantage of his experience to take the first round.

And in the second, Liu Deli defence bridge attack from Liu Hao. But Liu Deli strategically bridged-out his rival. He win the decisive one defence point to take the round and with it the match.

Hebei's Song Jidong tangled with Chongqing's Huang Qin with the bronze medal at stake. The 33-year-old Song won and claimed third place. The 55 kilogram final was an all-Guangdong affair. Chen Hua and Hong Xiaobin fought for the gold. Chen Hua, wearing blue, was more aggressive in the battle. Chen did make some reversal to get the points. But his teammate changed his strategy, putting up a much tougher defense. But Chen was looking for the win. His efforts paid off, he defeated his teammate to claim a gold.

Guangdong team grab the top and second spot on the podium.

In the freestyle 60 kilogram final, Beijing's Gao Feng met Qin He of Guangxi team. They are both members of the national team. Gao staged a nice attack, which paid good dividends. Gao took the title by 6-0.

Zhang Xiaobing of Shanxi and Ye Erlan of Gansu were tied for bronze.

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