Liao Hui breaks world record in men's 69kg

2009-10-26 19:08 BJT

Special Report: 11th National Games |


Olympic champion Liao Hui, representing the PLA team, was competing in the men's 69kg event.

In the snatch, Liao Hui was attempting to lift 160kg. 

Nice! He lifted it with ease.

And then in his last attempt for the snatch, Liao Hui was trying 163kg.
He did it! A new Asian and National Record in this event!

Then Liao Hui tried to lift 195kg in the jerk.

Well done! Liao lifted 195kg in the jerk! With the total of 358kg, it's a new world record, one kilo more than the world record set by Galabin Boevski of Bulgaria in Athens ten years ago.

Holding the gold, the 22-year-old tried to hoist 198kg to break the jerk world record of 197kg set by his national teammate Zhang Guozheng in the Asian Championships in 2003.

He failed.

Liao's performance will not be written into the world records book because the sport governing body, the International Weightlifting Federation, only recognizes records set in world, continental and Olympic competitions.

Liao said he failed to make it into the final in the last National Games four years ago, so he wanted this gold medal very much. He hopes to break the "real" world record in the World Weightlifting Championship to be held next month.

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