Zou Shiming claims gold in 48KG

2009-10-27 19:58 BJT

And a face many fans will be familiar with, Zou Shiming was back in the ring much to the fans' delight. He faced Li Jiazhao from Guangdong in the final.

Li Jiazhao attacked first, and scored first. But Zou took chances to attack consecutively, his sudden straight punches helped him notch three points in a row. The slow motion replay showing us just how threatening the Olympic champion's straight punch is.

In the second round, the young sensation Li Jiazhao attacked quickly, but failed to land on several occasions. His punches were quick, but didn't pose a real threat to the Olympic champion. Despite his rapid attacks, he still handed chances back to Zou, who kept a good pace to extend the lead.

Li Jiazhao only collected one more point with a heavy punch. This is the heavy punch from Li Jiazhao, which helped him score one point.

Both of them staged a fierce offense in the third round. Li Jiazhao's punches were messy, and didn't threaten the opponent. Zou hit back quickly from both hands, finally defeating Li Jiazhao 24-3.

The result was not unexpected, as there are few boxers who can compete with Zou at this level in China. The Beijing Olympic champion easily bagged the gold of 48kg class in the national games.

Editor: James | Source: CCTV.com