Li Yang claims gold in 57KG

2009-10-27 22:01 BJT

Li Yang from Beijing took on Liu Qiang from Liaoning. Both sides fought hard, leveling the match at 2-all. 

Li Yang is known for his determination and good footwork. He quickly bounced into a 6-3 lead to finish the first round. Li Yang getting the points with punches to his opponent's stomach and head.

Li Yang kept his momentum going into the second round. He didn't give his opponent any chances to score, leading 8-3 to the third. And in the third round, Liu Qiang added just on more point to the scoreboard. Li Yang was alert and attacked quickly making the most of his good footwork.

Li Yang used to travel to America to train, and he put that experience to use in China.

With the time running out, Liu Qiang was unable to turn things around. The score stayed 13-5, and Li Yang finally took the match, bagging the gold in 57kg class.

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