President Hu meets Russian, S. Korea leaders

2009-09-24 08:46 BJT

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President Hu Jintao also met his counterparts from Russia and South Korea separately in New York. They exchanged views on bilateral relations and issues of common interests.

During talks with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Hu Jintao hopes the two countries will further their cooperation on energy, customs inspection, environmental protection and military.

Hu Jintao tells Medvedev about China's economic situation. He says the two countries should further their cooperation, pushing forward the reform on international financial system and safeguarding the common interests of China, Russia and other developing countries.

Medvedev says the China-Russia relationship is a real strategic partnership of cooperation.

He says Russia wants to continue cooperating with China on electric power and nuclear energy. The two countries should also strengthen cooperation on customs inspection, and environmental protection. He says Russia wishes to strengthen coordination on international financial cooperation.

Hu Jintao thanks Russia's support for the Chinese government in dealing with the aftermath of the July 5th riot in Xinjiang.

The Russian President says what happened in Xinjiang is totally China's internal affairs. Nobody should interfere in it.

The two presidents also exchanged views on the situation on the Korean peninsula and the Iranian nuclear issue.