Chinese herbal medicine combats A/H1N1

2009-12-18 18:40 BJT

Special Report: World tackles A/H1N1 flu |


Chinese medical specialists announce that after seven-months of study and research, they have developed an herbal medication to treat the A/H1N1 virus.

Ingredients of the new medicine are selected from more than 100 classic anti-flu prescriptions based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Clinical studies show the new medication can shorten the time patients' have fever and improve their respiratory system.

So far, no negative effects have been found in patients treated, plus it has the positive benefit of costing 75-percent less than Tamiflu. The Beijing Municipal government earmarked 10-million RMB or about 1-and-a-half million US dollars, on the project. More than 120 medical specialists participated in the process. And now the municipal government is applying for a patent.

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