Greek landslide kills Italian engineer

2009-12-19 08:58 BJT

A landslide in Greece has killed one person and blocked a key pass of a major transport route, which runs from the north to south. Emergency authorities say heavy rains triggered the landslide and caused boulders to fall from a cliff side above the highway.

The victim was an Italian engineer working on a tunnel project in the area of the accident. He was killed while driving past the site on the highway located in the valley. Two other vehicles were passing at the same time, but both drivers managed to escape. The affected section of the highway will remain closed for at least one month. Swiss experts are overseeing operations to stabilize the highway.

A landslide in Greece has killed one person and blocked a key pass of a major transport route, which runs from the north to south. 
A landslide in Greece has killed one person and blocked a key pass of a 
major transport route, which runs from the north to south.

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