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Israel rejects east Jerusalem freeze

2010-04-23 13:50 BJT


As US Middle East envoy George Mitchell arrives in Israel in another effort to relaunch peace talks, the country's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Jewish state won't halt construction in East Jerusalem. The new peace mission by Washington is again clouded.

Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to budge was broadcast on Israeli TV shortly after envoy George Mitchell arrived. Mitchell's efforts had been on hold due to disagreements over east Jerusalem. Both Israel and the Palestinians claim the section of the holy city.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister, said, "I'm saying one thing: there will be no freeze in Jerusalem. There should be no preconditions for talks."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Thursday that there will be no freeze on Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem, as the US Middle East envoy arrived for talks to press the peace process. (AFP/POOL/File/Sebastian Scheiner)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Thursday
that there will be no freeze on Jewish settlements in east
Jerusalem, as the US Middle East envoy arrived for talks to press
the peace process. (AFP/POOL/File/Sebastian Scheiner)