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Transparent Italian Pavilion

2010-04-12 09:02 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

The Italian Pavilion is transparent. But it is by no means invisible. Its structure is composed of 20 functional modules that represent 20 respective regions in the country. The building has got its name: City of Man.

Italy, Italy, Italy. All these pictures with strong Italian flavor are actually describing one place…except it is in Shanghai. The answer is…it’s the Italian Pavilion for the Expo 2010.

Dario Rota, Pavilion Director, Italian Expo 2010 Shanghai, said, We will have some icons of the Italian lifestyle, like a Ferrari car and a Ducati motorbike; also some clothes from D&G and Prada; the staff working in the pavilion will wear uniforms designed by Prada. More than this, we also have art masterpieces like classic Caravaggio and also pieces from Fontana. So I would like to invite all of you to come to visit the Italian Pavilion.

When Mr. Rota says the Italian Pavilion is welcoming all of you with those big names, he is serious about that. And if you would also like to be armed in Dolce&Gabbana or Prada, you may try to apply for the volunteer work in the pavilion. But yes, the Italians are coming to town, with their way of living. The country recently unveiled its theme for the national pavilion in the Expo 2010 Shanghai, “city of man – living the Italian Way”, together with the displays that will come to the city. As the commissioner general of the country’s expo committee says, they hope to bring an echo to the Expo 2010 through their displays and pavilion theme.

Beniamino Quintieri, Commissioner General, Italian Expo 2010 Shanghai, said, The theme of the expo was “Better city better life.” We think both the themes are associated with the quality of the men, so the idea is to show the quality of the life and the average size of the Italian cities, their culture and traditions and so on. All these things increase the quality of life, when man is more integrated with the city, with respect to the other country.

Well I guess maybe that’s why when in China, Romans play like the Chinese. The Italian pavilion pays homage to the host country by resembling both the Chinese game of pick-up sticks, which also known in Italy as “Shanghai” and a mini Italian city. Though its Roman past can still be strongly felt, Italy will focus more on its modern achievements.

Dario said, The Italian achievements in terms of wealth, knowledge and culture can be considered as means to live a pleasant and easy life. This approach has produced important results from different point of views: urban organization, economic growth, industrial production and social organization have fostered a special lifestyle that is recognized as Italian. The main exhibition in the Italian Pavilion will show the symbols of this lifestyle.

The Italian pavilion, with 7,800 square metres in size and 20 metres high, is composed of 20 functional modules that can be assembled freely. Each module represents one of the 20 regions of Italy, coming together to embody a mini Italian city. Inside it is divided into irregular sections of different dimensions and is connected by a bridge structure made of suspended glass galleries, which will harness a special energy saving capability. That’s why the Italians say they are not only bringing fashion, luxury and Ferrari to the Shanghai Expo, but also technology and innovation which will make our city and lives better. The whole building was finishedat the end of January 2010. So let’s just wait for a couple of more days, and maybe we can take a chance to visit that Rome structure with respect, in our Prada!

The Italian pavilion will be called The City of Man. It is made of 20 functional modules that can be assembled freely. It was designed by Giampaolo Imbrighi.
The Italian pavilion will be called The City of Man. It is made of 20 
functional modules that can be assembled freely. It was designed by 
Giampaolo Imbrighi.