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US stand firm in Afghanistan

2009-09-04 14:37 BJT

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US Defence Secretary Robert Gates says there will be no change in policy in Afghanistan despite growing unrest over the war.

The US has not ruled out sending more troops to add to the 63,000 already there. But top defense officials say time is running out for the Obama Administration to show progress has been made.

At a Pentagon press conference, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he had reviewed an assessment report on the Afghanistan strategy. The report was written by the country's top commander in Afghanistan, Army General Stanley McChrystal.

After evaluating the report and talking with senior military officials, Gates had a clear message for the war's opponents.

Robert Gates, US Defence Secretary, said, "I absolutely do not think it is time to get out of Afghanistan."

Americans' support for the eight-year-old conflict has slumped to an all time low but Gates remains adamant there is plenty more work to be done.

Robert Gates, US Defence Secretary, said, "We are only now beginning to be in a position to have the assets in place that, and the strategy or the military approach in place to begin to implement the strategy and, this is going to take some time."

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Michael Mullen, pinpointed troop use, rather than numbers, as the most important factor.

Michael Mullen, Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Stuff, said, "There is a sense of urgency. Time is not on our side. I believe we understand that, and I believe we are going to regain the initiative."

There are one-hundred thousand coalition troops in Afghanistan, including 63-thousand US forces. Another five thousand will arrive by the end of the year.

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