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Green report: Clean energy tackles climate change

2009-12-06 13:56 BJT

Special Report: UN climate change conference in Copenhagen |


With the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference around the corner, how to stop climate change is becoming a hot issue. Using clean energy is one of the ways to offset global climate change.

But it's not an easy task to push forward, especially in large developing countries like China.

"Clean energy" has been among the most frequently-used words when talking about environmental protection and climate change. It stands for energy without discharge of pollutants. Clean energy is mostly recyclable, including wind, solar, water and biological energy.

New energy is widely recognized as an effective approach to solve problems of energy shortage and environmental pollution.

Zhang Tianzhu, Professor of Environment College, Qinghua University, said, "The Copenhagen conference is expected to promote the use of clean energy. But difficulties still remain in terms of fund-raising, technology along with political obstacles. China, as a responsible developing country, will be endeavoring to push relevant programs and projects forward."

The adoption of clean energy in China is still not common. The State Council of China released a detailed stimulus plan for equipment manufacturing for 2009 to 2011, with clean energy in the spotlight. The plan requires equipment manufacturers to try and use clean energy in equipment production.

Experts say enacting relevant laws will help utilize clean energy that is costly to most enterprises.

Zhang Tianzhu, Professor of Environment College, Qinghua University, said, "We are actually drafting a series of laws including a New Energy Law and a Recyclable Energy Law among others. Legal framework is essential to reducing pollution, increasing energy efficiency and changing the pattern of China's economic growth. But there is still a lot to do to guarantee the implementation of relevant laws and regulations."

Climate change and environment pollution are closely connected with not only China but the entire world. The upcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Summit is an opportunity for world leaders to find a way out together.

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